House Shifting Services in Bangladesh in 2021

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House shifting services in Bangladesh

We are ready to give you a house shifting services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our service network not only in Dhaka but also we will provide our service anywhere in Bangladesh. We are unique for our shifting services. Moving your house or office shifting is not so hard nowadays because of our expert labor & the moving team who are ready to serve the best.

Our House moving company is one of the best reputed and well-known moving service providers among all other moving companies in Bangladesh.

Just call us for any kind of relocation services. We use the truck and covered van for long-distance shifting in Dhaka city but we use pickups for 24 hours.

We provide house shifting services not only in Dhaka city but als0 in Dhaka to other districts. We work so hardly and professionally that you can rely and trust on our services blindly. Our expert labor and driver will prove our expertise in moving your house without making any problem with your belongings.

House shifting company selection

There are a few things to keep in mind choosing a shifting agency to relocate your house. You can hardly find the best company that can give you the best services in Dhaka. But also some are trying to give their best to do this professionally. We, houseofficeshifting company have been giving these services since 2010.

We have an expert team who are working hard and so sincerely to remove your relocating hassle with an expert hand.  If you search for an expert company that will give you all kinds of residential moving services then we are the best to handle this. All that you search for is available everything in our company.

There is various skilled manpower including transport and skilled workers, electrician, AC mechanic, Thai mechanic, sanitary mechanic, carpenter, the painter in our company. They will carefully wrap and unwrap glassware or crockery and fancy antique items in your new homes. In addition, we install new air-conditioning devices, TVs, fans, lights, beds, geysers, stoves in the new homes and give you a dream decoration in your house.

House Shifting in dhaka

Everything to do before moving house

Many people who are accustomed to live in a rental house want to move this month should keep in mind that moving house brings huge works and mental pressure to every householder. Even you will find various problems with packing, loading, and unloading the assets.

The biggest hassle comes when shifting from an old home to a new home. You will hardly find things to use easily. Many boxes and packages where are kept the much-needed items are not found immediately after changing the home.

Suppose, You go to the office you find your cloth luckily but the rest of your clothes are missing. If you get a belt but you don’t get the matching shoes. Even the toothbrush was found in the morning but the toothpaste had not been found yet. So, what do you do?

To reduce your hassle, A Measures need to be taken before the home be changed. Here, we will discuss some technics to shift your house so that you can move without being bothered.


House shifting service in Dhaka

Now questions are what you have to do for this? I will say Nothing much about what you think. Just simply separate into a small box, carton, or bag. Now put it aside for 2–3 days at home, outside some clothes, toiletries, some makeup items, two sets of shoes, a phone, a laptop charger, and some dry foods. Then mark it. That’s simple!!

Moving to a new home won’t be a great problem. With the number of days, it will take to open the other box, you will be able to move it with the bag in the meantime.

But If you choose any service provider for these services it will be easier to shift your house and you can sleep certainly without thinking of any hassle.

If you want to have a hassle-free home shifting or house relocation, you will leave the responsibilities for your hassle to home movers. Remind the house shifting services provider to include this box or carton inside the shift for this comfort. Everything from packing to pickup will be done responsibly with your choice of home movers.

House shifting service in Bangladesh

5 tips for easy home replacement

It is a big problem for residential movers and packers. At least everyone has to get in trouble. Those who live in rented houses do not have an end to this embarrassment. The transition does not end when the house is a little bit more. However, if you work a little tidy, you do not have to worry about moving house. If you can divide your house into smaller tasks, you will find that you can easily change your home in a hassle-free way.

Keep reading to know some of the most important tips to make moving home easier – let’s check it out.

1. Phone, Internet, Dish connection.

Keep in touch with your Internet, Dish, and Land Phone office at least a week ago before moving your house. Give them your new house address, describe everything so that they can keep your connection active to a new home not ending up with the internet connection.

2. Van / truck / pickup rental.

You need a van, pickup, or truck to take all your belongings to your new home. Estimate the number of things in the home, fix the van, pickup, or truck in advance, otherwise, you may not get it at the last minute. Whenever van, pickup, or truck you rent, inform them in advance of changing your residence and the new home address.

It is better if you can remind them again by phone the night before moving home, then they will come in time and You don’t have to worry about their presence.

3. Keep the new home neat & clean.

Neat and clean brings peach to every soul. It’s also the part of our Iman as well. So you need purity in your home and in you. cleanness grows your child with a fresh mind and helps it to think positively. To keep your house neat and clean, Take the size of the screen of the door and window of the new residence and allow it to be seen in advance.

Go one or two days ago before going to a new home and see if the home is in a clean condition. If there is dust in the house, clean them. Tell the homeowner to paint if they are not painted. Clean the bathrooms well in advance and enjoy your new home.

4. Pack up the furniture.

To get a safe home shifting service you need to pack up your all home belongings early before your home moving. For packing your home sacks, ropes, tapes, and paper boxes (cartons) keep them in your collection in advance.

Then packing the other items than the required items before 1 or 4 days ago in advance. Make a list of what you put in the box at the time of packing and stuck those on the box with glue, then it will be convenient to find the items. And wrap the glassware in cloth before filling the box.

House shifting service in dhaka

5. The kitchen

Start emptying the fridge slowly before 1 to 4 days ago. Cook the raw bazaars, if there is meat or others, cook it And make sure that you cooked more for the next day before you move, because the day you move, you will no longer have the time or opportunity to cook for home because it will take time to connect the gas at the new home, so be prepared in advance.


Advantage Home Office Shift Packers and Movers:

  • Zero Trans-shipment:

Your goods or items inside the container have not moved at any point in time. A portable Office unit can be lifted as a whole and conveniently attached from one to another base vehicle. Therefore, the break-down or non-availability of permits doesn’t influence its journey, and goods are delivered at the given time.

  • Safety- No Doubt at all:

Our moving team is comprised of expert packing teams as well as experienced truck & pickup operators who are fully trained staff furniture handling techniques & safe-driving practices.

  • Economical – 100% sure:

We are the most cost-effective because we know very well how to correctly identified packs to ensure no damage to your goods. Even we will add extra value to our service so that you get satisfied with our dedicated job.

  • Part load – Well Accepted:

The size of Portable Home is selected accordingly to the volume of goods so that they fit very well and compactly into it. Hence no requirement to spend on a full truck.

  • Claims – Immediate Settlement:

We are perhaps the only household goods movement company in Dhaka Bangladesh to provide settlement of claims if assuming any, in case of unforeseen contingencies.

  • Credibility:

Why Work with Home movers in Dhaka

  • House shifting is not an easy task. Without being experienced none can give the best services as expected, as it needs a lot of relocation requirements. That’s why one’s needs a trustworthy moving company who will provide reliable and trustworthy packing & moving service.
  • Home Movers in Dhaka offer experienced and qualified personnel assistance to get on the load to decrease the worry of moving and are recognized as one of the leading packers in Dhaka for this reason.
  • We Home movers in Dhaka do the best service making deals for tracking records and growing a good connection amongst the clients. Moreover, we have grown up our business throughout the country and build a great network with the clients.
  • Our expert team solves client’s problems by making a great solution to the client’s requirement so that we can make them happy with our service.
  • Our warehouses in Dhaka are secured and very big and perfectly insured assuring the total safety of your goods. Even our labor is so expert to pack and unpack the furniture that reduces the cost and fulfill the client’s satisfaction.

Every member of our team is well qualified, well-disciplined, and fully dedicated to accomplishing and maintain a lasting relationship with our clients by providing an expressed level of quality service efficiently and effectively to help to ensure a safe, worry-free transition of your assets.

It is very difficult to move to the flat. However, if everyone shares the tasks together, it becomes much easier.                However, if you take house shifting packages of service you will be able to change your flat with ease. Home                  Movers have to replace the tension pearl home with you – you don’t have to do any tension.

After all the hassles of moving an apartment, start a new home with a decorated house. We expect to give well-furnished house shifting services to all and bring happiness to every face because we focus on your house safety.