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HOME MOVERS has earned a reputation in office shifting services over the years. We are helping companies to shift their offices from one location to another location even internationally. Office shifting is a time-bound movement & it constitutes of big expertise. We have been helping many small & big companies in shifting their locations hassle-free and with a committed time frame.

We provide hassle-free professional quality loading services at a very goods cost-effective price. Proper official goods packing loading and moving are also of great importance like the proper packing of goods and machinery. It ensures damage-free loss transportation of household goods or official goods on your relocation. We ensure our clients’ goods will be loaded properly so that they can arrive at their respective destinations with no damage or loss.

If you think shifting office is very hard and impossible – you’re wrong – we make it easy and possible. Office packing services & office shifting involved packing countless file cabinets, desks, chairs, all sensitively computer and laptop equipment, high-tech machinery, and other innumerable office belongings. We give standard packing service and moving services to give enormous satisfaction to and corporate merchandise, relocation of official belongings and documents, goods we are providing safe official goods packing and shifting with very cost-effective Rates and multiplication packing materials. Take a look at our office shifting features that we love to serve the clients according to our process.  We will talk about the extra advantages that we are serving with office shifting.

Office Shifting Service

Office Shifting Service

9 Features of  Our office shifting services:

  1. Survey of the goods for office moving.
  2. Project planning and management.
  3. Understanding the move necessities and imperatives for office moving.
  4. Evaluating material and manpower requirements for office moving.
  5. Providing useful tips to employees to diminish the lead-time during office moving.
  6. Cautioning administrators of problem areas during office shifting.
  7. Professional packing of all office equipment.
  8. Special packing for sensitive equipment like service.
    • Decide what to do with the equipment and furniture you have. What will you keep and what will you sell? One of the offices changes tips we can give you is to plan the sale of what you will not use. Try to save your movement that way. You can also give things to charity. Take inventory of what is left behind and what to do with each item. Such an office change checklist will make your job easier when you know what to do with those items and have prepared the people responsible and the deadlines. Moving of heavy equipment like very safe.
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      Plan the office Shifting Checklist:

      These are the office moving tips that we would personally like to give you:

      Plan ahead to have enough time:  for everything. Set realistic deadlines for the change of office and, in particular, the precise steps to be taken for your move.

      • Decide what size the new work area should be. To do this, you must consider the jobs and the number of employees. Who will do what and when? If a number of people will work at the same time is one thing, but if you have two or more shifts, you can look for a smaller space.
    • Plan what to do with the furniture and equipment you will have: move, sell, donate?

    Select a moving company. Now that you know what you will be transporting for your office change, it is time to get an office move quote. You can find many engines in My Moving Reviews – just select an area and you will see the list with professional commercial moving companies. This is the way to get the corporate office exchange services that are right for you.

    Discuss with the corporate moving company what you will need in terms of insurance, packaging, moving labor, etc. Be clear about the corporate office removal services you want to use from the relocation professionals.

    • Will you read or buy the place? When will you leave the area you are in right now? Will, you cut the lease or sell? Decide what to do regarding the work facilities you are in and regarding the new area, you will be using.
    • Select the experts you will need for your office change: architects, engineers, electricians, designers, etc. Now that you know what to do and what changes you will implement in the work regime, this is what comes next in your checklist for Change of office.
    • Plan the exact positions of the workers and what they will do. If you need an industrial engineering expert, work together to prepare the floor plan and layout of the area.
    • Plan how much space you will need before buying or renting a location.

    Organize the change of your address. Now is the time to plan when to transfer utilities, notify postal services, partners, subcontractors, etc. It is better to list or distribute this task among the different employees/departments of your company. You can include these details in a general office change checklist with everything you can do. Then delegate tasks and distribute responsibilities.

    • Read all moving documents when planning the office move like the bill of lading. Be clear about what is written on each sheet of paper before signing it. Make a file of all moving documentation and keep it until the move is complete and you have received everything back in the same condition or until all claims have been resolved, if applicable.
    • Stay in control. Always ask for feedback on each activity when you distribute homework assignments. Make a file with the tasks to complete on your computer, the deadlines, and the team leaders working on the tasks. Hold regular meetings to report who has done what, implement corrections, if needed,  and help your employees, who need it.

Professional Office Shifting Team:

Our team of professional office shifting service includes experienced project managers and skilled shifting personnel. We know each shift is unique and we use the latest technology to plan, implement, and successfully completed every project within the specific needs of each shift. Our shifting staff will be available to make any furniture adjustments, ensure everything is in the right place, and answer any questions your staff may have.

Office shifting service in Dhaka

To shift office every company needs to plan and make a structure how they will shift office according to the client expectations as it contains lots of heavy furniture and needs extra hard work to pack and unpack the furniture. It takes time, needs cleanness to the job with high experience. In the Dhaka area, it got to see an office established on the up to 5th floor in that case a crane needs to lift up the furniture otherwise it faces the damages.

So extra care and awareness need to shift office or relocate the office without injuring the employee though our office moving team are very expert. Our Team is very punctual, courteous, and well mannered with the clients. They are always ready to serve the client.

To give the client extra facilities in Dhaka as well as a whole country we build a well-educated customer service care who will replay you within a short time and give you all details guideline and process need to shift your office.

Price evaluations in office shifting services

Price evaluation in office shifting takes time and overthinking. To submit a price to the client, Firstly we need to evaluate the office furniture and belongings that have to be shifted. In most of the cases, we go for an assessment of the office and do a deep audit of the office furniture then we provide the quote. Don’t worry office audit and assessment cost is totally free from us. We do not charge any extra cost for the assessment.

We even do not ask for any extra hidden cost or service cost out of the quotations.

Office relocation or shifting tips:

In Dhaka city office relocation and shifting is as usual as the house shifting in this area. People relocate their office and ask for shifting all the furniture and arranged the office as it has before. In that case, It gives much more pressure on the movers. Moreover, we have a well-skilled and expert team who know how to handle this. So we can help in shifting the office. before that you should flow read the process we suggest you below. Have a look at your tips:

We can divide these tips into two-parts.

   1. Pre-Moving tips:

  • Packing:  To have a hassle-free office moving service packing is a must for every company. It reduces the extra work and wraps up the furniture perfectly that helps the furniture to be damaged as well as it tights up all other accessories and important files combinedly that reduces anxiety to listing the important files and documents.
  • Labeling: It’s a method followed by movers and packers to assists to unload and adorn the items easily. We label the boxes to spot it simply afterward.
  • Managing the cables network: A office contains huge cables and close to different computers and networks. It’s another challenge to connect all cables to their respective lines.  I that case, a computer needed optionally.
  • Hire Vehicle: everyone needs to think about the vehicle before shifting to the office. A good pic-up or van helps and makes the shifting process easy. So find a good vehicle.

    2. Post Moving Tips:

  •  Unloading: Unload the furniture from the pickup or van and install the furniture carefully. need more awareness so that it can be installed without damaging the furniture.
  • Unpacking: Unpack the product easily. Be careful before unpacking the furniture lest it should be scratched on the furniture.
  • Install the furniture: Install the furniture perfectly and placed the furniture as planned before otherwise, it will bring extra hard work to the company.


Office moving needs extra focus, extra hard work, and good planning to install the furniture according to the project. Otherwise, it may occur greater damage to the furniture and some important file may be lost. That’s why to shift your office to find a good moving company that will do all the process of office moving service for you.