Office Shifting Services in Dhaka | Tips And Tricks | 2024

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OFFICE MOVERS have been doing good on office shifting services for many years. We are helping clients to move their offices locally or internationally within the country or outside of the country. Office shifting is a big project for any company. We have been helping many clients in shifting their house or office hassle-free and on time.

Office Shifting Service

Office Shifting Services

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We would personally like to give you office moving tips:

  • Have enough time: Have enough time and be mentally prepared before moving your office and plan the next steps to go forward.
  • Plan the size of the new work area: You have to make a plan with your new work area. How many staff will work together and how to manage their activities everything has to be included in your plan for measuring the new office size.
  • Get free: Get free from your regular work that you do every day. On this moving day, You should take your time, make a plan, manage your workers, and work according to your plan.
  • Hire Office mover: Hire professional office movers who are experienced in this sector. They will lead you to a completely successful job.
  • Shift to Working area: Shift to most working areas or commercial areas of Dhaka. Dhaka is a more populated city in Bangladesh. If you are able to manage an office in Dhaka’s main working area, You will get lots of facilities. So, Hire the best office movers in Dhaka.
  • Movers acknowledgment: Let movers know your next plan what you want to do and How. skillful proficiency movers will give you many facilities while you moving.
  • Packing & unpacking: If you want your belongings to be safe and secure, then you have to pack your all items. Let movers know your interest in packing your furniture so that they can calculate their cost according to your interest.
  • Fix the cost: Fix the cost before hiring an office moving company in Dhaka. Most of the movers of Dhaka offer a big cost for office moving though they are dedicated to providing their best services.

Professional Office Shifting Team in Dhaka:

Our professional office shifting services teams in Dhaka are very experienced and skilled. We give extra importance to every work because we care about our clients. We think everyone’s work is unique and different from others. We have our own technology, car, and other accessories to make any project easy and complete without having any hassle.

Our staff is skilled in furniture and A/C installation. They will ensure your belongings are safe and secure. Our work experience and dedication will prove our professionalism in office shifting services.

Office shifting service in Dhaka

To shift office every company needs to plan and make a structure how they will shift office according to the client’s expectations as it contains lots of heavy furniture and needs extra hard work to pack and unpack the furniture. It takes time and needs cleanness to the job with high experience. In the Dhaka area, it got to see an office established the up to 5th floor in that case a crane needs to lift up the furniture otherwise it faces damage.

So extra care and awareness are needed to shift office or relocate the office without injuring the employee though our office moving team is very expert. Our Team is very punctual, courteous, and well-mannered with the clients. They are always ready to serve the client.

To give the client extra facilities in Dhaka as well as the whole country we build a well-educated customer service care who will reply to you within a short time and give you all the details guidelines and processes needed to shift your office.

Price evaluations in office shifting services

Price evaluation in office shifting takes time and overthinking. To submit a price to the client, Firstly we need to evaluate the office furniture and belongings that have to be shifted. In most cases, we go for an assessment of the office and do a deep audit of the office furniture then we provide the quote. Don’t worry office audit and assessment cost is totally free from us. We do not charge any extra cost for the assessment. We even do not ask for any extra hidden cost or service cost out of the quotations.

Comprehensive Office Shifting Services Across Dhaka

Efficiency across Dhaka city

Our team is well-versed with the entire city layout ensuring that we can navigate efficiently regardless of your current or destination location.

Gulshan, Mohakhali & Banani

Being two of the most elite business districts in Dhaka, shifting here requires a touch of finesse. We ensure:

  • Discreet operations to maintain a professional ambiance.
  • Special care for high-end equipment and furniture.

Motijheel, Paltan , Kakrail & Bijoy nagar

As the primary financial district, time is of the essence in Motijheel. We offer:

  • Speedy relocations to minimize business downtime.
  • Early morning or late-night shifts to avoid peak traffic hours.

Agargaon & Kawranbazar

With a mix of government offices and commercial enterprises, our services here are twofold:

  • Understanding the bureaucratic nuances for government office shifts.
  • Efficiently handling the bustling Kawranbazar’s commercial relocations.

Uttara and Bashundhara

Being a blend of residential and commercial zones, we ensure:

  • Versatility in handling both corporate offices and home offices.
  • Adherence to society or building regulations during the move.

Dhanmondi, Green Road, Central Road, Hatirpul & Elephant Road

Given the area’s residential dominance with interspersed commercial entities:

  • We focus on minimizing disruptions to the neighborhood.
  • Tailored services for boutique offices or clinics.

Office relocation or shifting tips

In Dhaka city office relocation and shifting is as usual as the house shifting in this area. People relocate their office and ask for shifting all the furniture and arrange the office as it has before. In that case, It puts much more pressure on the movers. Moreover, we have a well-skilled and expert team who know how to handle this. So we can help in shifting the office. before that, you should read the process we suggest below. Have a look at your tips:

We can divide these tips into two parts.

   1. Pre-Moving tips:

  • Packing:  To have a hassle-free office moving service packing is a must for every company. It reduces the extra work and wraps up the furniture perfectly helping prevent the furniture from being damaged as it tights up all other accessories and important files combined and reduces anxiety in listing the important files and documents.
  • Labeling: It’s a method followed by movers and packers to assist in unloading and adorning the items easily. We label the boxes to spot it simply afterward.
  • Managing the cable network: An office contains huge cables and is close to different computers and networks. It’s another challenge to connect all cables to their respective lines.  I that case, a computer is needed optionally.
  • Hire Vehicle: everyone needs to think about the vehicle before shifting to the office. A good pick-up or van helps and makes the shifting process easy. So find a good vehicle.

    2. Post Moving Tips:

  •  Unloading: Unload the furniture from the pickup or van and install the furniture carefully. need more awareness so that it can be installed without damaging the furniture.
  • Unpacking: Unpack the product easily. Be careful before unpacking the furniture lest it should be scratched on the furniture.
  • Install the furniture: Install the furniture perfectly and place the furniture as planned before otherwise, it will bring extra hard work to the company.

To choose the best office relocation moving services, you have to know their offered services and their skill, profession, and dedication. As one of the office shifting service companies in Dhaka, we offer a couple of services given below:

Office Shifting and Relocation services

office shifting movers help you shift your office guiding you the best way by giving information about office shifting and what to do or not to do at the right time before moving your office. We also provide information before relocating your office and preconditions that should be completed or how to do it and what to do before shifting also we direct our clients in the right way and assist them step by step in a simple way to move their office.

Loading and unloading services

We have the best skillful office shifting labor who are experts in shifting offices and they know how to load or unload the furniture of the office. Our skillful labor is used to doing this work for a long time that’s why they know how to do this work perfectly. They are well-mannered, punctual, and professional in their services.

Home Mover is one of the best-listed office shifting providers in the movers and packers industry of Bangladesh. We have been working in this sector for many years. We know how to satisfy our customers that’s why we provide lots of information regarding house shifting and office shifting services. Like Office Relocation, Furniture installation and moving, Junk cleaning, House moving, movers and packers services, and many more.

We provide the best office shifting services according to client’s requirements. We are always ready to give the service on time as we believe in customer satisfaction. Our movers are polite and obedient. They go to the project in time and our labor is very hard working as they work in this sector many times so they know how to treat the furniture and how to pack/ unpack. Load the furniture in the truck and unload it at the destination.

We have many calls every day and we provide these services every day many people are taking our service either because they shifting from one place to another or relocating their position. We love to help them shift their office by giving packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and many more services.

Our company is one of the top 10 listed moving companies in Google. We have many good reviews on the internet. If you search on the internet searching moving services, you will be able to find our company listed among the top 10 moving companies on Google.

Office shifting services in Gulshan, Baridhara, Badda & Natun Bazar

Gulshan, one of the most prominent commercial centers, is home to many businesses. As the business grows or adapts to new requirements, the need to move offices may arise. Fortunately, numerous professionals work in the area of office relocation services.

How We Conduct Uttara Office Shifting: A Step-by-Step Process

1. Initial Assessment

Our team visits your office to conduct a thorough assessment. We evaluate:

2. Price Quotation

Based on the assessment:

  • We provide a detailed price quote, breaking down all costs transparently.
  • The quotation covers transportation, labor, packing materials, and any additional services you might need.

3. Move schedule

We work closely with you to:

Choose a suitable date and time to move keeping in mind the traffic conditions in Uttara and ensuring minimum business disruption.

4. Packing and labeling

Our trained packing team:

  • We use high-quality packing materials to ensure the safety of your office equipment.
  • I systematically label each box/item for easy identification and setup in the new location.

5. Loading

Current day:

  • Our team arrived on time with the required vehicles and equipment.
  • Items are loaded carefully, ensuring fragile items are given extra care

6. Transportation

Considering the traffic conditions in Uttara:

  • We choose the most efficient route to your new location.
  • Our drivers are trained to transport goods safely and quickly.

7. Unloading at new location

After reaching the destination:

  • Items are unloaded with care.
  • Elevators, stairs, and corridors are efficiently navigated, especially for heavy items.

8. Unpacking and Setup

  • We assist with unpacking and set up based on your instructions.
  • IT equipment, furniture, and other essentials are arranged according to your choice.


Office moving needs extra focus, extra hard work, and good planning to install the furniture according to the project. Otherwise, it may cause greater damage to the furniture and some important files may be lost. That’s why to shift your office to find a good office moving company that will do all the process of office moving service for you.

So get our service blindly as we are experts and professionals in this sector and working here for 20 years.